December 2018, Christmas is here!

Please keep in mind that if your situation has changed this Holiday season please come in and visit us and we can help you update your documents accordingly. It is important to have all of your documents accurate and up to date including but not limited to your Health...

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Title 14 Guardianships

What: A Title 14 Guardianship may be necessary if a loved one is impaired by reason of mental illness, mental deficiency, mental disorder, physical illness or disability, chronic use of drugs, chronic intoxication or other cause, except minority, to the extent that he...

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November 16, 2016

On November 13, 2016, Kiernan Curley completed a presentation on estate planning for Velda Rose United Methodist Church in Mesa, Arizona. Some of the topics covered included: 1) Probate Proceedings 2) Revocable Living Trust Agreements 3) Health care power of...

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